Album Review: The Pinder Brothers - Melancholy Sea

"Every so often, a record comes along that remembers what pop music used to be"

The Pinder Brothers, “Pale December”

Sacramento, Cali-­‐based duo The Pinder Brothers are renowned for their songwriting and instrumental savvy, and have been compared to the likes of Crosby, Stills & Nash and Simon & Garfunkel. But there’s so much more to their story: The guys are sons of rock legend Mike Pinder, one of the founding members of The Moody Blues.

But bros Michael and Matt are making their own kind of magic, via recently released album “Melancholy Sea.” The 11-­‐track collection—which offers keen observations on the serenity of our world—provides a showcase of the duo’s sing-­‐along pop melodies, alongside enough pulsating guitars to add the bite of alternative rock to their signature.

Highlighted by emphasis single “Pale December,” The Pinder Brothers offer an anthemic tome to the well-­‐tread notion that on December 21, 2012, the world would cease to exist. Driven by the beautiful timbre of lead Michael, the song opens ever so gently, with plucky acoustic guitars and a casual cascade of percussion, as he sings, “If the earth were to crumble away from under our feet/I would not stumble, I’d lift you up and take you with me/If the sun were an ember, the stars would come out and shine for you and I.”

As the overall message begins to hit home, the track’s urgency grows, evolving into a cacophony of Green Day-­‐worthy electric instruments and amped tempo... before again embracing its ultimate mandate that... whatever happens, we shall remain a singular force field.

Accompanied by a simplistic but lovely video clip on YouTube, The Pinder Brothers have delivered their best bid for mass-­‐appeal to date. Their legions of fans already get it. Next in line: hello, radio?

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The video Pale December can be viewed here:

Ex-Moody Blues Guest with THE PINDER BROTHERS

American duo THE PINDER BROTHERS are one of those bands who excel in beautiful melodies and vocal harmonies – an inherent thing, given that Michael Lee and Matthew are siblings. Now, they have their third album, “Melancholy Sea,” out, which follows up 2008’s “Ordinary Man” adding a more mature touch to the brothers’ canon. This canon, of course, is a spin-off of THE MOODY BLUES one, as the artists are the sons of Mike Pinder. They played on their father’s "Among The Stars" and the veteran is on their new record, too, on “Summer Moon” – together with his old colleague Ray Thomas.


New Music from the Pinder Brothers

This one goes to all the alternative music fans out there that are in search for some new hot tracks for the hot summer days to come.  If you haven’t yet listened to the new music from The Pinder Brothers, I’m telling you, you’re missing on some great music from the talented duo. 

Before we talk about their new hot tracks, allow me to say a few words about the band. Coming from Sacramento CA, the two brothers are known for their catchy rock/pop/alternative sound that will make you addicted to their music. 

Matt Pinder (bass guitar & vocals) and Michael Lee Pinder (lead guitar & vocals) are the two sons of rock legend Mike Pinder, one of the founders of famous band The Moody Blues. It’s safe to say that their father opened their appetite to this kind of music, but as far as songwriting and playing the guitar go, the bros are known for their unique style and their own kind of magic that makes their music so beautiful. 

Recently, the Pinder Brothers have released their new album “Melancholy Sea”, which comes with 11 fresh and amazing tracks that you've got to listen to. I have to say, “Last Days of Summer” is one of the songs I enjoyed the most; a song about the fast passage of time, about youth and dreams and how we should enjoy the still moment of “now” and not think about the end. 

The sound is amazing; it’s the kind of song you would listen to in your car, while going to the beach, or some fun summer trips with friends, the kind of song you can make new memories on to last forever. 

I have to say, their voices are so soothing, as well as the addictive bass run that adds to the flavor of the track. Another one I liked is “Driving You Home”, perhaps the most beautiful love song on their album, with a catchy, fresh message but at the same time fun and relaxing with a twist of pop and rock to it. You’ll absolutely love it, I’m telling you! 

After enjoying all the tracks on the Pinder Bros’ new album, I have to say that it is probably the best alternative album ready for this summer that hasn’t gone mainstream yet. 

If you want to get your hands on these hot tracks and enjoy some great alternative music, you can buy Pinder Brothers’ new album “Melancholy Sea” at this link right here: