New Music from the Pinder Brothers

This one goes to all the alternative music fans out there that are in search for some new hot tracks for the hot summer days to come.  If you haven’t yet listened to the new music from The Pinder Brothers, I’m telling you, you’re missing on some great music from the talented duo. 

Before we talk about their new hot tracks, allow me to say a few words about the band. Coming from Sacramento CA, the two brothers are known for their catchy rock/pop/alternative sound that will make you addicted to their music. 

Matt Pinder (bass guitar & vocals) and Michael Lee Pinder (lead guitar & vocals) are the two sons of rock legend Mike Pinder, one of the founders of famous band The Moody Blues. It’s safe to say that their father opened their appetite to this kind of music, but as far as songwriting and playing the guitar go, the bros are known for their unique style and their own kind of magic that makes their music so beautiful. 

Recently, the Pinder Brothers have released their new album “Melancholy Sea”, which comes with 11 fresh and amazing tracks that you've got to listen to. I have to say, “Last Days of Summer” is one of the songs I enjoyed the most; a song about the fast passage of time, about youth and dreams and how we should enjoy the still moment of “now” and not think about the end. 

The sound is amazing; it’s the kind of song you would listen to in your car, while going to the beach, or some fun summer trips with friends, the kind of song you can make new memories on to last forever. 

I have to say, their voices are so soothing, as well as the addictive bass run that adds to the flavor of the track. Another one I liked is “Driving You Home”, perhaps the most beautiful love song on their album, with a catchy, fresh message but at the same time fun and relaxing with a twist of pop and rock to it. You’ll absolutely love it, I’m telling you! 

After enjoying all the tracks on the Pinder Bros’ new album, I have to say that it is probably the best alternative album ready for this summer that hasn’t gone mainstream yet. 

If you want to get your hands on these hot tracks and enjoy some great alternative music, you can buy Pinder Brothers’ new album “Melancholy Sea” at this link right here: